JANUARY 13-15, 2017

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what is skijoring?

Literally defined, skijoring simply means “ski driving” and is commonly defined as being pulled on skis by an animal, motorized vehicle or other device.  Equine skijoring refers to being pulled on skis by a horse.  While skijoring spans back centuries in Europe, in our region it found its start in the 1940s when WWII vets in the Leadville, Colorado area tied ropes to horses to tow skiers in place of ski lifts.  It wasn’t long before it turned into a competitive sport.

The competitive event often involves skiers being timed on a race course, which consists of navigating a number of jumps and obstacles. Many skijoring events include open class and sport class for both skiers and snowboarders.  Each event venue has its own personality and flair that reflects the local culture, while still meeting strict safety guidelines.  Courses can be straight, round, or u-shaped, and the course to navigate can vary. Some venues add a novice class, kid races, long jumps, shovel races, and other activities.  The best and most popular skijoring events take place “in town” on a straight course. 

skijoring comes to red river new mexico!

Red River’s first skijoring event made its appearance in January 2016 and boasted 58 human and 29 horse competitors creating a total of 54 teams on saturday and 50 teams on sunday.  The course was a straight 800-foot course in the middle of town on river street providing great visibility for the spectators.  The competition included three divisions:  open (pro), Sport (Amateur) and Novice (Beginner).  The divisions have not been set for 2017 -- there will definitely be an Open and Sport Division.  The novice may be replaced by an exhibition at the end of the event on sunday.  a Century Division may be added for 2017 -- to enter this division the cumulative age of the horse rider and the skier must be 100 or higher.

The 2017 event in Red River is slated to be the 2nd event of the season for the
Skijoring America'S cup series of races.  As an early race and a 3-day weekend, it is expected the event will draw even more competitors than 2016.  The Red River race will draw competitors who are out to earn points for the series and competitors who are seeking to win the money (the purse)--or both.  Yes, money, like a rodeo!  We are shooting for a $15,000 purse in 2017 (we paid out roughly $9,800 in 2016).

skijoring is a thrilling spectator sport With speeds up to 37 mph, the action is fast- paced and exciting.  spectators pack in closely to get a glimpse at the skiers being towed by a horse running at a full gallop.  join us for all the fun as a competitor or spectator!